3 in 1 – Chapter 6

I opened up chapter 6 this week, which is titled “Trinity”.  I thought to myself, “I’m finally going to understand fully the doctrine of the Trinity.”  Some of you are probably chuckling already by that thought. Now, after reading through the chapter, I guess what I can say is, “I understand the doctrine.”  I won’t […]

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The God I Know – Chapter 4

I know that God exists, so what about Him do I know?  How much do I know about Him, or better yet, how much can know about him?  In this next section of Chapter 4, Grudem continues to talk about the Knowability of God. The Bible is God’s Words and is true and without error, […]

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Much like Seinfeld, ” … it’s about nothing.” But at the same time, it’s about everything.

It’ll mainly be about me and my life. You’ll find my most favorite photos and like many blogs, my personal random thoughts. You’ve obviously found your way here, so I hope you enjoy it.

About the name… Running with Ice Cream. It means nothing, really. It came upon me one day sitting outside Dairy Queen when I heard my wife say to my kid, ” … don’t run with your ice cream!.” In the days preceeding , I had been contemplating the start of my very own blog, but couldn’t think of a name for it. It had to be neat and somewhat relevant. I wanted it to be something that will either make you chuckle, if not, make you raise an eye-brow. If neither of that happened for you… then oh well. I tried.

If it means anything… it could be that it’s about loosing one, or all, inhibitions. After all, you probably shouldn’t be running with your ice cream. At the same time … it could mean living a carefree life. How often have I thought more about doing something than just doing it? So go ahead, kido. Run with your ice cream. And if the scoop happens to fall of the cone … well then may be you’ll learn something.